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Blender 2.49 + plugin + tutorials

Macser has created tutorials on how to use the Blender modeling program to map models (so the game know what part of a texture needs to be shown on each part of the model) for ArmA: Cold War Assault (/OFP). vektorboson previously released an import/export plugin for the P3D file format, so files can be used directly in Blender without the need to convert to another format.

Forum thread

Being a firm believer in the DIY-principle to addonmaking (Do It Yourself), I thought it would be more encouraging to those thinking about modding to download everything from one convenient source. So I've combined the tutorials, the plugin and Blender 2.49 (currently the plugin is limited to that version) into one package that contains everything you need to start working in Blender.

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - Modding with Blender 2.49 [22,9 MB]   FTP#2

Fraps 2.0.0 demo

Fraps is probably the best utility to take screenshots and Movies for OFP. This demo has the frame rate, benchmarking, and screen capture functions fully operational. The video capture is restricted to saving movies at half-size, and having a maximum duration of 15 seconds for each movie.

-Requires Windows 2000 or Windows XP
-Requires a Pentium 3, Pentium 4, or Athlon XP processor (SSE instructions are required)
-Works best with an Nvidia Geforce 2/3/4/FX, or an ATI Radeon 9xxx graphics card.

DOWNLOAD - FRAPS 2.0.0 demo [191 Kb]   FTP#2

OFP Launcher

angusjm has released his new OFP Launcher. Download by clicking the picture.

A quick and easy way to launch ofp from your taskbar. Automatically detects mods you create so you can run them with just a click of a button.



Colonel_Klink has made a graphical interface for BIS's tool Binarize. Place BinarizeIT.exe in the same folder as BIS's bin.bat file. Needs VB 6.0 Runtime files. Good job Colonel_Klink :)