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'a-lone-wolf' sent us his another tool. xPack is utility for unpacking *.p3d files. If you work with these files, try it. Thx to author.

Download [220 kB]   FTP#2

OFP Squad Machine

Our great helper This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. made something, which MP players missed when they choosing a squad. OFP Squad Machine is a programme, which is a database of squads and clans. All the thanks can be directed to our friend Amalfi.

Download   FTP#2

Addon Helper!

Simon made very nice tools for helping with config.cpp creation. Here are his words :

What it does is allow the user to create config.cpp files in a better
envinorment to windows notepad. The user has all the normal text controls available and a few extras - A {} checker to ensure that the user doesnt miss out any brackets, a common problem and The Library - A database of every object unit and weapon in OFP, very
helpful to modify an existing cpp.

DOWNLOAD   FTP#2 - 585 kB

Thanks Simon! Great work.

Ultimate editing manual!

Rob, RED, hangfyre and snypir have made manual with nearly everything you will ever need for editing in OFP.

After much consideration for the people and alot of thought and help we have finally finished the manual. I would just like to give an extra thx to every that took part in making this manual, its just very imprtant that the users require it more than we do. Please dl it and gives your comments and views, this would be a vital role if we are to make another version of the manual. Thankz again, i hope you all enjoy it.

DOWNLOAD   FTP#2 - [875 kB]

Encoding and decoding WSS files

You can use this utility for simple encoding and decoding WSS files (internal OFP sound files) into WAV. On Avon Lady they public simple step by step manual how to do this. Package contains 2 console executes - one for coding and other for decoding + instructions.

Download   FTP#2 50 KB