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WrpTool v0.950

  • Written by Cervo
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Snake Man sent us an email, WrpTool v0.950 upgrade has been released on PMC Tactical website!

Current features of the utility:
- Writes 12.8km x 12.8km, 25.6km x 25.6km and 51.2km x 51.2km WRP files (and smaller).
- Import terrain in Wilbur long/lat TXT format.
- Place random 3d objects throughout the map, but not in the water.
- Graphical User Interface (GUI) to edit 3d object placement.
- bitmap preview image "icon" of objects in object browser
- Copy & Paste for object, or multiple objects.
- Current object preview from bmp image when mouse over object.
- Object rotation using mouse, multiple or single object.
- Display 3D-View of the terrain elevations and objects (no texture yet).
- Graphical User Interface (GUI) to edit elevations and texture placement.
- XML configuration file for object p3d icons and categories.
- GUI mini map, for quick overview and jump-to selections.
- Reads 4WVR, OPRW v2 and OPRW v3 island formats.
- Rescale object sizes, change their direction.
- Road Tool. Place roads by clicking RMB for left, right, straight etc road pieces.
- Region Tool, choose region and random place objects, delete objects etc.
- Forest Placer, to quickly and automatically place forests, including SEB, BAS 1 obj forests.
- Automatic texture placing for "transitions".
- Cell Selector, to select cells according to elevations.

WrpTool release package comes with 124 page PDF manual