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Patch 1.46

- Fixed: Grid location in map one digit only in 1.45
- Fixed: Destroyed barrels and other empty objects are not reported in statistics nor added to score
- Fixed: More ammo for Reammo Ural (same as for Reammo 5tTruck).
- Fixed: Appropriate picture for Cessna.
- Fixed: 8 men can be transported in Hind's cargo.
- Fixed: Helicopter landing with keyboard impossible. When landing, helicopter stops hovering above the ground.
- Fixed: Bug in HW T&L code: Material change was sometimes not recognized when polygons shared texture. This caused some trees were rendered darker.
- Fixed: net.log file is not being created.

EU/US version   FTP#2 - [6 MB]

Weapon Pack 1

The first weapon pack (needs version 1.26 or higher). Includes 4 new small-arms (Bizon, G36A, Steyr Aug and XM-S), 2 grenadelaunchers (MM-1 and 6G-30) and featured Kozlice. Here   FTP#2 is detail list of all changes.

Download - [2.56 MB]

File is linked to Bohemia Interactive Studio with their permission.