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Resistance server 1.88

BIS have released new version of standalone server patch for OFP:Resistance 1.85. Fixes are:

1.88 - lag issues introduces in 1.85 are fixed

1.88 - fix latency issues and it provides extended server diagnostics for admins with 1.87 clients

1.87 - New: Server can determine max. size of any single custom file acceptable on the server. To do this add line MaxCustomFileSize=size_in_bytes into Flashpoint.cfg file. Users with custom face or custom sound larger than this size are kicked when trying to connect.

1.87 - Added: Dedicated server command #debug (console, totalSent, userSent) (Requires 1.87 client)

1.87 - Fixed: An attempt to fix latency problems: ThrottleGuaranteed is now 1, as it was in 1.75, not 10, as in 1.85. Moreover, it can be configured in Flashpoint.cfg by adding ThrottleGuaranteed=value.

1.87 - Fixed: Too many dead bodies were kept on server in 1.85.

1.86 - Fixed: No missions visible after #missions.

DOWNLOAD [1.56 MB]   FTP#2