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[PFC] takes over OFP.info


On 2nd of June, 2018, ofp.gamepark.cz (ofpr.info / ofp.info / ofp.gamezone.cz) was closed down.


The roots of the website could be found in operationflashpoint.d2.cz (operationflashpoint.cz / operation-flashpoint.cz) that was created on 21st of June, 2001 by m@ster. The website, in its known shape, was founded in December of 2001, by Bojler, Monti and Maggo. Eventually, around 2003, control over the website was passed to Cervo. Significant support for the website was provided by JerryHopper who shared his ftp server for the whole content (addons, mods, missions etc.). One of the long-standing staff members of OFP.info were Rellikki and JdB.


OFP.info served for 16 years (2001-2018) for the OFP/ARMA community as the main source of news for a huge number of fans around the world. It also contained the greatest amount of community-made content for OFP/CWA. Even though the OFP/CWA times are long gone the website was still enormously useful as an archive of creativity of the OFP/CWA community. In many cases it was the only available source for some information or content. It is difficult to precisely determine the scale of importance and influence of OFP.info website for the OFP/CWA scene.

On 22th of June, 2018, [PFC] Polish Flashpoint Community announced a revival project of the website known as OFP.info 2.0.

On 15th of July, 2018, beta version of OFP.info 2.0 was launched.

On 8th of February, 2019, OFP.info 2.0 received a massive update.

On 24th of January, 2021, OFPR.INFO domain has been redirected to OFP.info 2.0, thanks to Retro from ofpisnotdead.com.


OFP.info 2.0 consists of:

> all the original news

> all the original community-made content catalogued in separate subpages

> all the original pictures

> all the original files that were hosted:

> on a website server

> on a separate ftp

> search function

OFPr.info file server hosting

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Oops sorry, wrong show :p

Everyone say "Thank you!" to Jerry Hopper who, besides his many other activities for the Community, is now also hosting our download server!

Cervo and the OFPr.info team

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BREM-1 Video

=SappeR= posted a Youtube video on the BIS forums showing the BREM-1, an armored repair and recovery vehicle of the Russian Federation, that he is working on.


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Nagual's Collection of missions and campaigns

Variable has collected all of the missions and campaigns made by Nagual and put them into a single pack. There are both singleplayer and multiplayer missions as well as campaigns.

Nagual paid great attention to detail, and so his work is thoroughly recommended. Information about needed addons (mostly addons from Ballistic Addon Studios) can be found in the various readme files.

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - Nagual's Collections [99,0 MB]   FTP#2

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Tools for OFP: Elite (X-Box)

Max Qubit collected all of the tools for editing OFP: Elite (X-Box) and made them available on his website.

There are tools for porting missions from the PC version of OFP to OFP: Elite, working with pbo files, changing of the username and more. Some of the tools, like Eliteness can also be used for ArmA: Cold War Assault and ArmA1.

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - OFP: Elite tools [6,4 MB]   FTP#2

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Tool Time: Modeling with Blender

Macser has created tutorials on how to use the Blender modeling program to map models (so the game know what part of a texture needs to be shown on each part of the model) for ArmA: Cold War Assault (/OFP). vektorboson previously released an import/export plugin for the P3D file format, so files can be used directly in Blender without the need to convert to another format.

Forum thread

Being a firm believer in the DIY-principle to addonmaking (Do It Yourself), I thought it would be more encouraging to those thinking about modding to download everything from one convenient source. So I've combined the tutorials, the plugin and Blender 2.49 (currently the plugin is limited to that version) into one package that contains everything you need to start working in Blender.

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - Modding with Blender 2.49 [22,9 MB]   FTP#2

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CoC Unified Artillery 1.11 hotfix for Cold War Assault

The release of ArmA: Cold War Assault has caused some addons to malfunction because of the added/changed features, especially affected by this are scripting addons and addons that use extensive scripting.

vektorboson has released a semi-official update for one of the affected addons, the excellent Unified Artillery pack by the Chain of Command (CoC) team.

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - CoC Unified Artillery 1.11 hotfix [9,8 MB]   FTP#2

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - CoC Unified Artillery 1.1 [43,3 MB]   FTP#2

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Patch 1.99 Hotfixes 1-4

Since the release of ArmA: Cold War Assault, BIS has released several fixes. The Cold War Assault file on our server was outdated as it was the original version. Unfortunately because of the ongoing troubles with filesharing websites, the fixes were not available. Thanks to Dwarden, they can now be downloaded again. All four fixes can be downloaded in one package, this will update the game to the latest version dated 22-11-2011.

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - ArmA: Cold War Assault Hotfixes 1-4 [141 MB]   FTP#2

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - ArmA: Cold War Assault v.1.99 [525 MB]   FTP#2

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