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Patch 1.99

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To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Operation Flashpoint's release (June 22, 2001), Bohemia Interactive Studios have released a patch version 1.99 for the game on the BI forums.

This standalone upgrade renames the game to Arma: Cold War Assault, installing it into a whole new directory. The upgrade removes all Codemasters' content from the game, including the original name, which now gives Bohemia Interactive all the rights, Operation Flashpoint being a trademark of Codemasters.

Of course, the patch will add something new too:

- Improved: Default gamma and brightness settings
- Fixed: Two cursors appeared in some configurations
- Fixed: Login hack prevention.
- Improved: cheat / spam protection.
- Changed: "missionName" function now returns user friendly name
- Fixed: Preprocessor bugs and crashes
- Changed: createMarker function now works only local
- Added: isServer function
- Fixed: missionStart function on dedicated server
- Added: disableAI option for disable automatic animation selection
- Added: User defined maps in missions
- Added: function: array find item
- Added: function getWorld
- Added: functions getPosASL, setPosASL
- Added: Event handler AnimChanged
- Added: function getMove

Bohemia Interactive have truly shown the dedication to its fans by still supporting their old title even after all these years! We hope you enjoy this patch and will keep on playing OFP/CWA and creating content. OFP will never die!

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - Arma: Cold War Rearmed v.1.99 [525 MB]   FTP#2