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Patch 1.94 beta

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Marek Spanel, Operation Flashpoint Project Leader, has released the 1.94 Beta patch on the Official Forum about one hour ago! You can read the readme.txt file here   FTP#2.

This betaversion shall be compatible with different language versions of Operation Flashpoint Resistance/GOTY (US-UK-international / czech / polish).

Multiplayer game in 1.94 version is NOT compatible with 1.91 games / servers. Notice that you can still play 1.91 version while 1.94BETA is installed

- Various crash opportunities fixed.
- Better handling of virtual memory address space. When this space was exhausted, it could cause a crash or olive green screen.
- AI waypoint delays and other AI degradation was possible on very fast CPU.
- Command line option -nomap was sometimes ignored.

- Fixed terrain lighting direction bug.
- Autocentering force did not work properly on some joysticks including MS Sidewinder FF 2.

- Unit killed inside a vehicle sometimes did not respawn.
- Gunner aiming was unstable.
- Visual glithes in the ingame browser.

- Command "private" did not work when variable name contained any upper case letter.
- Event handlers were not saved properly (affects some 3rd party addons).


Patch 1.94 BETA [1,74 MB]   FTP#2

Patch 1.94 BETA for 2000/XP Dedicated Server [1,59 MB]   FTP#2