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Updated DKMM M109A6 and TOS-1 released

  • Written by Deadeye
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snoops_213 has released an updated version of the DKMM M109A6 and TOS-1, and made them both UA 1.1 compatible.

Well i finally got the M109A6 and TOS-1 UA 1.1 compatable. This is the same as the last release in regards that you need the original DKMM Arty pack to work. However i have slightly cheated and made the Gun and Ammo on the M109 CoC weapons. So to add remove ammo use the same lines you would on the M109 that comes with UA1.1. Thanks to Dinger for letting me do this! As for the TOS-1 it still has its original ammo name. Oh and i got real slack, all models use full animations. There wasnt that much of a difference performance wise between no anims and full anims.

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - M109A6 and TOS-1 [45,9 KB]

DKMM Artillery [8,4 MB] from FTP#1
DKMM RSC (Final Version) [3,88 MB] from FTP#1
COC UA 1.1 [43,3 MB] from FTP#1