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Leaves in the Wind Released

  • Written by Hooahman
  • Published in news
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Mapfact.net has released a new mission named Leaves in the Wind on the BIS Forum. You can download the trailer for the mission at Mapfact.net. Here is what they had to say about the release:

As you might remember then "leaves in the wind" is an infantry mission with Laser's Rangers. Besides your own squad you've got to command three additional teams against a very well prepared enemy on central Kolgujev. This not so new story will surprise you with it's nice details and many ways to get around, eg. arti, helos, many tanks, backup, individual mission settings (time, weather, number of enemies and their skill), a full documentaion with many hints and tips...

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - Leaves in the Wind [13.3 MB]
DOWNLOAD (FTP#2) - Leaves in the Wind [13.3 MB]

Laser's US Rangers v1.50 [12.6 MB] from FTP#1 or FTP#2
Laser's US Weapons v1.25 [15.1 MB] from FTP#1 or FTP#2
JAM 2 [7.44 MB] from FTP#1 or FTP#2
Mapfact MilOBjects Pack v1.0 [3.7 MB] from FTP#1 or FTP#2

Thanks to Hardrock for the heads up.