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Problems with the FTP server? Notify us!

Due to numerous inquiries related to downloading problems, we would like to inform that the ftp server which stores the whole OFP.info 2.0 content (addons, mods etc.) is a separate entity and do not belong to the creators of ofpr.info.paradoxstudio.uk. As a result, we are unable to provide you any information about the ftp server downtime, its maintenance and other of its technical aspects.

They found Usama! :-))

KaT from Poland send me mail with this link. If you look at the pictures, you can see Usama celebrating christmas near some forrest :-))
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Flashpoindatabase.com ends!

It's sad that now, in christmas time, another site dedicated to OFP ends - Flashpoindatabase.com - Here are the words of authors:

Well, Peybak and I have decided to shut the site down, the fact is that we have no time to update the site and since we cannot give it 100%, we don't see any point in keeping the site up and running, also renewing my contract with my hosting site is right around the corner and I can't really afford it :( !
It's been a great ride and we have made so many friends (you all know who you are), we like to thank all of you for your support, we wish you all the best.
Good luck and take care.
Until next time, this is Flatliner and Peybak signing off. . .

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Vive La Resistance

Vive La Resistance is a name of new MOD for OFP. It is concerntrating on the involvement of civilain Militia and resistance forces in the struggle against Soviet invasion of three islands. This mod is in its early stages of development and they looking for peoples who can help them. More info on their page.

Source : OFP.de
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OFP Desert - new site

Maybe you notice, that some hackers changed site where OFP Desert get hosted. So they move to new location - New OFP Desert Site. It is sad, that someone makes things like this at christmas time ...

Thx to Marfy for info.
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'a-lone-wolf' again

Our trusty 'a-lone-wolf' send to us another info about his work. He decoded version 1.40! You can find it on his site. Next, he modify his Desert Rock Island and Training Island for version 1.30 and higher. I have no choice but to thanks him for his work! We are waiting for your next work a-lone-wolf! :-)

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Italian OFP mod

Authors of this mod have another model finsihed. I don't know what is it, because I can't speak Italian, so I don't understand anything... Look at what they've done...

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Su-25 Zabak

Another czech addon. Our friends from OFP.Tiscali (Leon&Maa) are working at Czech campaign, and for it they are making Czech Army Addons. Now they released one of their addons separetly and you can download it from our site.

[601 kB]
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