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People's Liberation Army v3.2

  • Written by JdB
  • Published in news
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Version 3.2 of the People's Liberation Army mod was released. It's quite a bit larger than the previous version (316 vs 190 MB). As the readme is in Chinese, I'm not entirely sure what has changed, but the mod looks great as you can see on the screenshots. After some more reading, I found some info by "transyt" about the changes in the new version.

However, the models and textures that VME made are a little bit crude and out of date, so he (Nocturne) made a lot of new models and textures. The total conversion mod which is called Virtual War Asia Mod is still in progress but he has published most of his newly made weapons and units, and approves VME to use them in their own mod. So 3.2 is a mod that combines 3.1 and Nocture's new models.(PLA combat system 1.0 is more or less the same but a little bit different).

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - People's Liberation Army v3.2 [316 MB]   FTP#2

Screenshots by WazZzaaa!