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FIA pack v.2.0 by Serial Killer released

  • Written by Flyer
  • Published in news
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Serial Killer released his FIA pack v.2.0 in our forums.

Good day, everyone. After a very long break, I finally updated my FIA pack with lots of new stuff. This time I made a few vehicles and improved the camouflage of the units. All the vehicles I made so far are jeep, jeep with PK, motorcycle and an BRDM-2.
Then what's new with the units' camouflage? Well, it's 100 x detailed than the old one and some of the colors have been changed a bit, but it looks almost like the old one. I hope you like it. Enjoy!

Ps: I'm still looking for help to fix a few bugs and make some new vehicles, if you're interrested, contact me!

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - FIA pack v.2.0 [8.39 MB]
DOWNLOAD (FTP#2) - FIA pack v.2.0 [8.39 MB]