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OFPL Mod - release

  • Written by x-ray
  • Published in news
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ag_smith from the OFPL Mod released their polish island and polish train addon in the BI Forums.

The OFPL Mod team proudly presents the brand new Polish map, featuring lots of custom objects and SP-32 train engine, used by Polish National Railways. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the readmes, the enjoy and have fun! On this occassion, I'd like to thank to everyone who contributed to this project. Good job, guys! :)

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - OFPL_Lechistan_1.0 [16.8 MB]
DOWNLOAD (FTP#2) - OFPL_Lechistan_1.0 [16.8 MB]

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - OFPL_PKP_v1.0 [2.1 MB]
DOWNLOAD (FTP#2) - OFPL_PKP_v1.0 [2.1 MB]

AGS_Harbor_Pack_2.0 [5.7 MB] from FTP#1 or FTP#2
AGS_Buildings_Pack_2.6 [5.4 MB] from FTP#1 or FTP#2
AGS_Industrial_Pack_v.3.0 [7.35 MB] from FTP#1 or FTP#2
Mapfact Airport 1.2 [1.6 MB] from FTP#1 or FTP#2
Mapfact Barracks 1.5 [3.69 MB] from FTP#1 or FTP#2
Farmland Objects 1.2 [4.1 MB] from FTP#1 or FTP#2
AEF Train [17.44 MB] from FTP#1 or FTP#2