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JAM 3 released

  • Written by Cervo
  • Published in news
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The The JAM3 team has sent us an email about the release of their Joint Ammo and Magazines V.3. You can download alternate sound packs in this thread.

  • Fully compatible with ECP, EECP, FFXUR, INQ-Mod, Y2K3, etc.
  • New AT rounds, compatible with CAVS project
  • Improved recoils for all rifles, pistols and shotgun
  • Tweaked accuracy for all sniper rifles
  • SD magazines tweaked to simulate realistic supersonic ammo where appropriate
  • Subsonic "SUB" mags preserve JAM2 SD values
  • New sounds for 99% of magazines and weapons- big thanks to the OFP community
  • Most magazines have separate fire sounds. Now you can tell who's shooting!
  • Different fly and hit sounds for different bullet types
  • Bullet hit and fly sounds also externalized to JAM_Sounds.pbo
  • THREE alternative versions of the JAM_Sounds.pbo available. Community Pack, Rainbow Pack, Cinemania Pack
  • New Mounted Machinegun magazines, with HD versions. Ready to be used on vehicles
  • New realistic-size mags for M60, M240, RPD, PKM. Max loadout of 500rds per unit
  • New 12rd Belts for grenade launchers, like GL Vest but only taking 3 spaces
  • Primary and pistol-slot options for most SMG/PDW mags.
  • Unsuppressed, suppressed and silenced (subsonic) MP5 and Uzi mags
  • New magazines for Remington SPC 6.8mm and Grendel 6.5mm rounds
  • New sniper mags: L96A1-type rifles and SVU tactical rifle
  • New Editor groups
  • New units for all sides: Spotter, Grenadier (Belt), Machinegunner (500 rounds), AT Units (CAVS compatible)
  • All BIS vehicles available with JAM crew
  • Editor mission allows players to quickly preview many of the sounds
  • More effective smoke grenades.
  • A few config fixes

    DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - JAM3 [13,55 MB]
    DOWNLOAD (FTP#2) - JAM3 [13,55 MB]