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BW Mod Releases

  • Written by Hooahman
  • Published in news
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The BW Mod has released their Basis Pack v1.2 and Wiesel v2.0. Here is what the mod had to say about their release:

The Basic Pack contains a set of german infantry and weapons. Additionaly scripts and weapons for vehicles have been included. Thus the Basic Pack is required for all BWMod Addons.
This is not the final version of the Basic Pack, all models should be considered beta.

The Wiesel Pack contains two versions of the Wiesel 1 which is currently in service in the german Bundeswehr. One version is equipped with a MK20 (Maschinenkanone 20mm, 20mm MGun with HE and AP bullets), the other one equipped with a TOW Launcher.

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - BW Mod Basis Pack v1.2 [5.49 MB]

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - BW Mod Wiesel APC v2.0 [1.87 MB]   FTP#2