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Some addons :-)

  • Written by fighter
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I am very busy now, and I have for you on our ftp server many, many addons :-( But at least briefly: there are below first portion of this addons :-)

First of all is pack of air-fighters F15 by Deadsoldier and Marine.

DOWNLOAD [10,11 MB]   FTP#2

The second one is quite a different. This is pack (Dr No Tribe) of civilians, police, resistance and lovely and dangerous womans for Dr No Island. Author: Dr No prepare for OFP community his second nice island :-)

DOWNLOAD [4,99 MB]   FTP#2

I have next addon: CNPLA Weapon Pack 1.0 for you long, long time... sorry. It is work of guys from great Chinese site SAM. I added Readme in English. For correct function of this pack you must have in Addons directory CNPLA Addon 2.0 (Chinese army) or you must add magazines and add weapons according to table in Readme :-)

DOWNLOAD [1,53 MB]   FTP#2

Next addons tomorrow (I hope). Have a nice day :-)